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Servicio automotriz

GONHER is the national leader concerning automotive service; from the start both industry and our customers trust the performance in our auto parts because we guarantee quality and durability.

GONHER filters are designed to offer the best cleanliness and protection. We have the most complete line in oil filters, both sealed and in cartridges.

Through Lubricantes de América we make oils, grease, antifreeze, brake liquid and additives for all types of motors and machinery involving car service.

The GONHER line of brake pads covers 80% of the vehicle fleet, looking after the needs of new cars as well as older ones, offering the highest quality standards.

And, through the Enerya plant, a subsidiary of Grupo GONHER, we manufacture high technology batteries, satisfying the needs of the automotive, agricultural and heavy-duty markets. 

With more than 60 years of experience in the automotive, industrial and heavy-duty markets our products still exceed the maximum quality that our customers and the industry demand.