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Heavy duty Service

Servicio pesado

For heavy duty, GONHER is proven excellence; various generations of transportation industry trust the performance of their units to our auto-parts, since they their quality and durability are guaranteed is heavy and prolonged use, such as is required for machines that move the commercial and industrial development in Latin America.

Our high quality norms in regards to manufacturing and service to our clients, have allowed us to lead the industry and not only in regards to filters. We count with the most complete line of oils, greases, anti-freeze, brake fluids and additives. These are fabricated via Lubricantes de America since 1952.

It’s important to mention that GONHER Heavy Duty Batteries comply or exceed the manufacturer requirements and needs of your engine, since the production includes alloys and processes of the highest quality; in addition they are manufactured with materials that are 100% recyclable, which significantly reduces the environmental impact of their fabrication.