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Grupo GONHER’s philosophy is based on meeting and exceeding the specifications and expectations of our customers; thanks to this, our quality system and our continuous improvement, we have consolidated our position as a world-class company.

As leaders in the manufacture of auto parts, our mission includes creating value through the quality of our products and a constant commitment to excellence in customer service. These values have gained us an outstanding reputation both nationally and internationally.

Our commitment to quality can be seen in our auto parts production and products. Everything that Grupo GONHER manufactures has been produced with the highest quality inputs and the most advanced technology; we are backed by thorough lab testing procedures and the strictest quality protocols accredited by ISO/TS 16949:2009 International Quality Certification.

This certification guarantees the consistency of the quality assurance processes at all our filter manufacturing centers. Our Monterrey facility, covering 90 thousand square meters, is recognized as the most modern in Latin America.

Our quality processes are reflected in our customer’s continuously positive evaluations. We provide prompt deliveries, the best quality and outstanding service because of our philosophy of continuous improvement both on a personal and a company level.

We are always at the forefront in satisfying industry requirements across the original equipment, spare parts and heavy-duty segments. We periodically audit our processes in order to strengthen our work procedures, outranking other market players in reliability.

Our suppliers are an important link in our operational success. We know that partnering with them to meet our goals is of paramount importance, so our system provides them with continuous improvement support, backed up by our Supplier Development and Evaluation Program. Every supplier makes a commitment to certifying their working systems and supporting Grupo Gonher’s goals and objectives.


Quality and Productivity


Our main priority is to operate with the highest standards and world-class processes, in order to meet the requirements of our internal and external customers and the consumer.


1.1 Doing things well first time.

1.2 Using resources appropriately.

1.3 Fulfilling all tasks in accordance with established requirements and standards.

1.4 Maintaining active communication that includes evaluation, monitoring and follow-up on market demand.

1.5 Seeking to always be the best at what we do.



It is essential to partner as a team, to align objectives and to respect others as a group focused on the same goals.


2.1 Acting with an awareness that our results are the sum of all of the team’s efforts.

2.2 Recognizing and respecting the differences of each member of the team.

2.3 Encouraging the exchange of information, results and experiences.

2.4 Always acting proactively and openly.

2.5 Putting the group’s objectives before individual goals.



Every member of the GONHER team is committed to carrying out, and requiring others to carry out, all assigned tasks, delivering them with passion and quality.


3.1 Internalizing all business objectives.

3.2 Assuring a continuous involvement and high degree of responsibility in all activities.

3.3 Carrying out and enforcing our agreements with passion, quality and timeliness.

3.4 Seeking to satisfy the needs and interests of our company, as well as of our peers.

Customer Service


All that we do must be done with a focus on the goal of satisfying the customer-consumer.

We must assure the quality and timeliness of all our deliverables in the value chain.


4.1 Having the right disposition and attitude and feeling satisfaction from collaborating and serving

4.2 Constantly identifying the needs of internal and external customers.

4.3 Meeting customers’ requirements immediately and/or in advance (feeling a sense of urgency).

4.4 Feeling empathy for customers.

4.5 Seeking constant feedback from the customer.

Development of our people


Our priority is to ensure the comprehensive development of all members of the GONHER team, supporting their fulfillment, well-being, growth and commitment.


5.1 Showing a willingness to learn and acquiring new knowledge at all times.

5.2 Being involved in self-learning.

5.3 Seeking and updating knowledge continuously.

5.4 Showing an open-mindedness to new processes and everyday lessons.

5.5 Promoting self-development based on personal motivation.



All members of the GONHER team are required to conduct themselves in an honest and loyal manner, both inside and outside the business environment.


6.1 Behaving honestly and responsibly with all resources that are entrusted to us

6.2 Being consistent and acting ethically within and outside the organization.

6.3 Generating confidence through honesty.

6.4 Respecting diversity and promoting equality.



Continuous improvement is a priority in our business philosophy, as we leverage our leadership and the competitive advantages that reflect our product and process innovation.


7.1 Constantly searching for a better way of doing things.

7.2 Openly promoting new ideas in order to improve daily tasks.

7.3 Committing to developing new ideas and working methods.

7.4 Passionately transforming and accelerating our processes.