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GONHER de México

Grupo GONHER’s pioneering firm, Gonher de México, produces oil, air, gasoline and water filters for automobiles and for heavy-duty, agricultural, marine and manufacturing equipment.

It makes GOHNER and GC brand products that are supplied to Grupo GONHER to be marketed in Mexico. Its filters are used by the nation’s main auto-assemblers, as well as by private domestic and international brands.

LGONHER de México complies with the highest quality standards and therefore the stringent requirements of the auto industry. Its manufacturing facility has ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certification, as well as ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification.

Lubricantes de América

Since 1956, Lubricantes de América has been using the best quality raw materials to design, produce and market oils, greases, anti-freezes, additives, brake fluids and cosmetic products for all types of vehicle and machinery used in the transportation, industrial, agricultural and mining sectors.

It currently produces an array of automobile, agricultural, marine, textile and industrial oils, as well as lithium, sodium, calcium, inorganic clay, asphalt and synthetic greases, anti-freezes, additives and brake fluids.

Because the company is concerned about mitigating industrial risks, it has successfully introduced an ecological culture backed by periodic audits and the implementation of safe environmental practices.

LUBRAL is committed to being the leading manufacturer in Mexico and to driving its brands to cover the industrial, self-service, automobile and specialty markets, in order to reach its market-share objectives and be its customers’ preferred supplier.

Just click on the following link to learn more about Lubricantes de América: www.lubral.com


Enerya is a Grupo GONHER company specializing in the production and marketing of electric batteries for the automobile, heavy-duty, marine and motorcycle sectors.

It started operations in the year 2000 manufacturing four types of battery. Today, using leading-edge processes and technology, it manufactures more than 102 different types of batteries that are sold under the GONHER, Voltar, Xtreme and Checker brand names. Additionally Enerya produces batteries for private domestic and foreign brands and is the exclusive Mexican distributor for the Deka, Ametek and Prestolite Power brands.

Business integration and social development are constant drivers of Grupo GONHER’s actions. As a consequence, we have our own battery recycling and plastic injection plant, Riasa.

In order to satisfy the markets’ present and future needs, we have made a commercial and technological alliance with East Penn Manufacturing. This battery producer, located in Lyon Station, Pennsylvania, has a long-standing international reputation and is distinguished as a market-leading producer with the highest level of integration at a single location.

The ENERYA team is proud to belong to a group that is 100% Mexican. Since December 8, 2008, our products have been backed by ISO/TS 16949-2009 Certification for Quality in the Automobile Industry. That same year, we obtained Clean Industry Certification from the Mexican Environmental Agency, PROFEPA, and also boast ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Certification.


As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility and environmental protection, Grupo GONHER operates a battery recycling facility, Recicladora Industrial de Acumuladores, S.A. de C.V., RIASA.

Located in the GONHER Industrial Park in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, RIASA started operating in April 2005 and produces premium quality lead ingots, as well as alloys, from recycled batteries using leading-edge technology. These ingots are then used by the ENERYA plant, as well as by both domestic and international customers, for the production of new batteries.

RIASA also has a plastic injection-molding unit that started operations in May 2008 making boxes and lids for Enerya batteries.

When the RIASA plant started up, it produced only four types of lead alloy, but today produces nine different alloys. The facilities include a high-tech laboratory that monitors all processes and guarantees the materials and methods used in production for the satisfaction of the company’s customers.

RIASA has ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Certification in addition to Clean Industry Certification from PROFEPA (Federal Office for the Protection of the Environment).

Mighty Auto Parts

Mighty Distributing System of America is Grupo GONHER’s affiliate in the United States.

Founded in 1963 and acquired by Grupo GONHER in 2009, Mighty serves the different regions of the United States from its central offices located in Georgia.

The company distributes auto parts through a successful network of franchises covering 43 states and more than 120 cities in the U.S., and reaching over 12,500 customers.

Mighty offers a broad line of products, including filters, lubricants, batteries, brake drums, gauges, brake systems, suspensions, steering units, additives for fuel systems, and fuel injection, transmission, cooling and brake systems, all with original specifications and quality.

In 1970, Mighty entered the franchise market, offering opportunities for entrepreneurial businessmen in a “win-win” relationship between the franchisor and franchisee. According to the Wall Street Journal, Mighty ranks among the 25 best franchises in the United States and, for the third consecutive year, the company occupied second place in filter preference among Fast Lubs.

Through Mighty Auto Parts, Grupo GONHER leads the U.S. market in quality and underscores its international presence.

Just click on the following link to find more about Mighty: www.mightyautoparts.com

Química Góncal

With nationwide coverage in Mexico, Química Góncal is a pioneer in the manufacture of chemical cleaning products for the home, industry and institutions, producing own and private brands for supermarket operators and other chains.

Founded in 1968, the business produces chemical products such as: bleach (Clortex, Cloro 10 and Cloro Patito), pine oil cleaners (Royal Pine, Pino Patito and Mister Pino), multipurpose cleaners (Fresko Brillo and Fagans), bathroom products (Ácido Muriatex, Potasa Alamo and Drenator), laundry products (Suatel softener, a clothing shiner and La Japonesa), kitchen products (Lavatrastes dishwashing powder, Spak grease remover and Limhor oven cleaner) and specialized products (San José alcohol and Fogatol barbeque lighter fluid).

Química Góncal’s products are highly competitive in the market, thanks to strict controls and standards, our selection of the best raw materials, the company’s continuous focus on the development of innovative products and a constant verification of products and processes.

In our ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement, we currently boast ISO 9001:2008 Certification, as well as CASCEM (Cadena Segura de Comercio Exterior) Certification for export activities. With regard to corporate social responsibility, we have Clean Industry Certification for environmental protection and are recognized as an All-inclusive Company by the Mexican Labor Ministry.

Just click on the following link to find more about Química Góncal: www.goncal.mx/