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For Grupo GONHER, your satisfaction is our primary objective; for this reason, we offer a manufacturer’s guarantee on all our products.

GONHER auto parts are guaranteed against all manufacturing defects when the products are properly installed and used under normal conditions. GONHER is not responsible for any other damage. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear as a result of product use.

In the particular case of GONHER and GC filters, if damage occurs to the engine that is directly attributable to a failure of a properly installed filter, Gonhermex, S.A. de C.V. will pay for repair to return the vehicle to a condition equivalent to that that existed prior to the failure.

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If a GONHER brake pad fails, it will be substituted by an equivalent product, so long as the product failed under normal circumstances and is still under warranty.

If a GONHER battery presents a defect within the first 270 days of commercial use or 545 days of private use from the date of purchase, the battery may be exchanged for a similar one at no cost. If the failure presents itself after the 270 days of commercial or 545 days of private use, and it is proven that the failure is attributable to an internal defect of materials, the battery may be replaced at an adjusted cost according to the current table of adjusted exchange values.

All damage must be proven and documented by an authorized Grupo GONHER technician before any exchange or repair.

These warranties can be authorized at our central offices or by any of our authorized distributors.

For more information, contact us, or download the PDFs with warranty information.