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GONHER offers a wide range of complementary products to care for and optimize the functioning of your vehicle’s engine.

We have an extensive selection of additives that are designed to maximize fuel efficiency, maintain engine power and reduce the impurities that are formed with oxidation.

The company also produces a range of chemicals, such as cleaners for injectors and carburetors that are specially formulated for instant cleaning, without the need to remove any part of the engine, as well as solvents, aerosol and slackening lubricants, and engine starters.

It is interesting to note that our WD-40 is the most recognized multipurpose spray in Mexico; it successfully lubricates, cleans, protects, penetrates and removes moisture, with more than 2,000 different uses.

Our silicon gaskets are 100% pure, flexible, stable and ideal for sealing engines, water or oil pumps, and gearboxes and for general use in automotive and industrial applications.

Our windshield washing fluid is prepared with detergents, methyl alcohol and deionized water, which do not cause sediment or block water flow. It has special features to super clean the glass, removing grease and dirt.

Mighty Auto Parts, as a Grupo GONHER affiliate, offers a line of products, such as windshield wipers manufactured with natural rubber combined with insulating polymers for quieter operation. Their pressure points ensure maximum distribution and contact with the windshield.