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GONHER filters are designed to provide maximum cleanliness and protection, and eliminate harmful abrasive pollutants in the lubrication system, air intake and engine fuel.

All GONHER filters meet and exceed manufacturers’ requirements. They have been produced with the most advanced technology and systems, and are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

GONHER makes more than 200 different types of oil filter, each with a unique and specific filter that combines alpha cellulose fibers, polyester, fiberglass and resin, providing a 99% pollutant retention capacity; in addition, filter covers are made of steel and support operational pressures up to three times normal functioning pressures.

The company also manufactures more than 600 different air filters, capable of achieving a level of 99.5% efficiency in pollutant retention and offering minimum airflow restriction, even under extreme conditions. Thanks to a unique pleated design, our filters offer an outstanding capacity to eliminate dust particles in the air.

We also make more than 300 fuel filters, which offer the highest performance and are designed specifically for modern fuel-injection engines.

All GONHER products are backed by a track record of quality and performance.