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Through the Enerya manufacturing plant, part of Grupo GONHER, we produce high technology batteries, satisfying the needs of the automobile, agricultural and heavy-duty markets.

Our car batteries comply with and exceed manufacturers’ requirements and our agricultural and heavy-duty batteries are produced to withstand the most extreme conditions.

All GONHER batteries have a new technological innovation called the Advanced Plate System, which offers:

100% material recycling, significantly reducing environmental impact.

Maximum performance in the most extreme conditions and more resistance to vibrations.

A longer life span because they contain 99.9% pure lead and acid, which improves the chemical reaction and keeps them charged for longer.

60,000 kilometers of maintenance-free driving, thanks to a reduction in gasification that lessens water loss and eliminates the need for frequent recharges.

GONHER batteries offer enhanced charge flow and durability, and are always ready to start, even after long periods of inactivity. These advantages reflect their calcium/calcium composition, which minimizes internal resistance, providing a more efficient energy flow and keeping 100% of the charge.

With reliable ignition in cold weather, our most recent radial plate design offers more energy efficient driving.